Level-up Your Brand Game with Digital Prints and Lamination of International Quality by Cartongraf

Digital Prints by Cartongraf1

Digital prints and laminations are some of the most viable ways to bring your business into the public’s eye. Whether placed at outside spaces, official vehicles, or inside the office premise, strategically designed and quality-driven laminations and digital prints add in brand value and promote businesses effectively.

Businesses of the Middle East, operative in cities like Dubai, Oman, and Qatar, can now experience international quality at great rates as Italy’s most prestigious print media and lamination service provider, Cartongraf, has begun its operations in all these areas.

Cartongraf – A name that you can bank upon

Cartongraf has already received name and fame in Italy, owing to its professional-grade vinyl prints and lamination. Back home, Cartongraf has 40 years of distinction in the print media and lamination industry. It is extensively involved in the manufacturing of customized graphic and printing products to double-up the brand value of a business.

While creating innovative vinyl prints and lamination films for its customers, the company adheres to multiple quality standards and brings the latest technology into use. It has favorably attended international events like the Feria de Las Americas (U.S.A.), Drupa (Germany), Graph Expo Chicago (U.S.A.), among others, and showcased its work.

Recently, the brand entered the Middle East market and was welcomed as many leading brands of the Middle East chose it for their branding and marketing.

The company has specialized in giving a professional look to office spaces, outdoor locations, and vehicles while garnering maximum attention from prospective customers; customized and optimized print media and lamination solutions for businesses belonging to assorted business verticals are delivered within suggested means by Cartongraf. Presently, the brand is functional in different locations of cities like Dubai, Oman, and Qatar.

Products that stand out at every front

Cartongraf products are offered in two categories. The first category is SILJET/COVERALL SERIES PRINTABLE VINYL and the other one is JETLAM SERIES LAMINATION FILM. Each category offers print media and laminations of best-of-breed quality.

Have a look at the key traits of these two product categories:

  1. Siljet/Coverall series

It features printable vinyl made from ultra-soft 100-micron PVC film. 100 micron is a great thickness standard and is suitable for professional use. When placed diligently, these films can remain at their place for 3-4 years minimum.

The film comes in gloss and matte finishing allowing businesses to find the exact match for their marketing strategy.

The vinyl film has boisterous dimensional stability and durability. Because of these characteristics, Cartongraf’s vinyl prints can bear the rough and tough handling. One can use them in outdoor spaces without any qualms.

The amazing conformability of these vinyl prints makes them an ideal pick for a semi-curved and flat surface. They go easy on curves and edges, giving an unmatched finishing on the surface. Owning to the optimal thickness, the vinyl prints, from the house of Cartongraf, endows the end-user with easy conversion and application.

These vinyl prints come with unmatched abrasion and scratch resistance making them less prone to customary damages.

Speaking of the visual impact of these vinyl prints, we must say that it’s exceptional as one can use multiple kinds of inks for printing. These vinyl prints are compatible with UV/Latex/Solvent inks.

These inks are known for unmatched finishing and durability. Not only do you get to witness amazing sheen and shine on the prints but also there is superb protection against UV rays damage. Even after a year’s long exposure, hardly any charm is lost.

  1. Jetlam series

This series is dedicated to offering lamination films. Cartongraf uses 85-micron PVC film for the lamination, which is near to the highest possible thickness. These PVC lamination files are the best match for creating customized white media decals for the office.

Decals for walls and office furniture can be crafted with full perfection for these highly durable PVC films. If used as vehicle wraps, Jetlam series lamination films feature an extra clear for protection against UV light.

As is the case with vinyl prints, matte and glossy finishing choices are offered in lamination films as well. Also, protection against scratches and abrasion is offered without any compromise. Because of these qualities, Cartongraf’s laminated films are low maintenance and deliver the best ROI. The smooth surface of the film can attain its lost sheen after a single wipe.

Up your branding game with Cartongraf

Cartongraf is a trusted name in Italy and has helped thousands of businesses to enjoy a functional and result-driven print media marketing strategy. Now, it is going to assist the businesses of the Middle East region with its quality-oriented vinyl prints and laminated films.

Diverse industries are served with equal perfection. For more detailed and customized assistance, get in touch with us. Our experts are all ears to your concerns and requirements.