Anodized Aluminum Sheets and How They’re Used as Signage Solutions

Anodized Aluminum

Who thought that one random discovery will become an indispensable part of human lives? Aluminum, first invented in 1975, is still going strong because of its endless qualities. It’s lightweight, doesn’t corrode, and can be used in various tasks.

To take the utility of aluminum to a whole new level, anodized aluminum happened. This form of aluminum is stronger and has impeccable finishing on the surface. Let’s know a little more about this powerful metal and figure out how it’s used in the signage industry.

Anodized Aluminum – A Game Changer

Anodized aluminum is produced by continuously exposing a sheet of normal aluminum to multiple electrolytic chemicals and passing the current. The process continues till the time the original aluminum sheet gets a protective and tough film on the surface. As introducing current in the electrolytic chemical triggers a chemical reaction, oxidation takes place.

The addition of an oxidized layer in the aluminum sheet adds to the original sheet’s robustness and strength. Not to mention, such anodized aluminum features unmatched anti-rust ability. Anodized sheets are then cut into different shapes and are used in roofing, decorative material, architectural coding, and various other procedures.

Here are some of the key traits of anodized aluminum sheets that make them a preferred choice.

  1. Better Corrosion Resistance

It’s true that aluminum is naturally equipped to bear the corrosion confidently. But, the standard aluminum can corrode slowly when it’s exposed to moisture, air, or slat for a longer period. Anodized aluminum has no chance of corrosion even if it stays in close contact with all these deteriorating factors. This happens because of the oxides layer on the surface. This explains the use of anodized aluminum in seaplanes and ships.

  1. Enhance Lubrication

The surface of virgin aluminum lacks lubrication and is rough. On the contrary, anodized aluminum features more pores. These pores are deeper and can bear better lubrication for longer. The smooth surface of standard aluminum makes it a tough nut to crack where surface lubrication is needed.

  1. Easy Dyeing

It’s easy to dye anodized aluminum and create colorful items/products. Standard aluminum doesn’t support dyeing and will retain its natural chrome ton forever. The only option is a painting that doesn’t stand for long.

The porous surface of anodized aluminum will hold the dyes and get the color of your choice easily.

  1. Less Maintenance

As there is no rust, anodized aluminum will need less care. Also, this sort of aluminum can bear the regular wear and tear greatly. A simple soap wipe and cleaning will bring back its lost glory.

  1. Enhanced Adhesion

It’s easy to hold or join the anodized aluminum as the porous surface will hold adhesive and primers.

Anodized Aluminum Sheets as Signage Solutions

Because of all these qualities, anodized aluminum is used widely in all sorts of industries. For outdoor/indoor signage solutions, anodized aluminum is preferred over standard aluminum as it won’t chip, peel, or degrade with continual exposer to UV light and other natural factors. As anodized aluminum is also ultra-thin and ultra-light. So, making a huge signage display will not be an issue.

Here is how one can use the anodized aluminum sheet in signage solutions:

  • Create an outdoor display stand

Need a menu stand or any other outdoor display stand to promote your business or showcase your services? Make it from our range of anodized aluminum sheets. As stated previously in the article, anodized sheets are dye friendly. So, you can make an outdoor display stand that will match your brand logo.

  • Identification Tagging and Directory Signage

Large corporations and office buildings where rooms need identification tags or even in hospitals, industrial sectors and hospitality sector where all equipment’s from pumps to large scale equipment’s such as chillers etc. require identification tags, our anodized aluminium sheets can be utilized in these applications via screen printing or etching giving a finish that is bound to leave you in awe.

Ending Notes

Anodized aluminum is a revolutionary metal incorporating robustness, durability, cost-effectiveness, and less maintenance in signage solutions. When used diligently and procured from a quality supplier, anodized aluminum is going to deliver better ROI.

ADS Marketplace offers a wide range of professionally-built anodized aluminum sheets in various dimensions. They can also cater to the customer needs with full perfection. Utilizing their anodized aluminum sheets in signage solutions is going to drive success and early goal achievement.