Top 7 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage in Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls

Top 7 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage

While businesses leave no stone unturned to create a professional image, convey the brand ideology to the customers, and take employees into confidence, they often lack at multiple fronts and need to do something extraordinary to stand.

Digital signage, when used diligently, can help at all these and many other fronts. We all know that they are at the forefront of display marketing at outdoor and indoor places. But, do you know that they can help you create a collaborative workspace and enhance the functionality of your meeting rooms?

If this sounds unfamiliar, scroll down to know the way via which digital signage can reform your meeting and conference rooms completely.

1. Welcome your employee and attendees in an impressive way

Even if they are your regular employee, being welcomed is what everyone deserves and when it happens just before a meeting, it brings a feel-good factor. Also, it makes them excited about the next act. Hence, we would suggest placing digital signages outside your meeting or conference room and welcome your employee or guests.

As quality digital signage grants you the freedom to insert the media of your choice, you can use personalized messages, customized fonts, and anything else of your choice.

2. Guide the employees, attendees, and other personnel about the meeting schedule

Businesses sharing co-working spaces or operating in huge complexes can have a tough time in conveying the meeting schedules, especially when you have visitors or arranging a meeting at zonal level. Those who are the invitees need proper and detailed guidance on the planned meeting schedule.

Placing digital signage in common areas like lobbies and help desk is a great way to guide meeting attendees to convey the meeting schedule. You can provide details such as the meeting timings, agenda of the meeting, conference room details, and other details. Going forward, you can also play brand videos to promote your business.

Not only will it help people but also build a positive and professional image for your business.

3. Use “Do Not Disturb” Conference Room door signage

You can’t lock a conference room and conduct a meeting in there, but you also don’t want everyone else to barge in every now and then and disturb you. It breaks the flow and creates a distraction. Then what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is a digital door sign. Just like a number plate, this door signage tells the crucial information precisely. Place them on the door and let others know what’s going inside. You can also display a live clock informing viewers about the time left to end the meeting.

4. Create an impressive dashboard

Instead of a regular LED screen, use digital signage to display your system’s dashboard on a large scale. It will integrate well with your project management, sales, HO, or other kinds of system and will represent the internal dashboard to everyone.

With its help, one can present key metrics like KPIs, sales & marketing statistics, social media engagement, and many more at a large scale to provide deeper insights into these KPIs.

5. Make live streaming impactful

The biggest challenge, while conducting meetings and conferences addressed to a large audience, is to connect with every attendee and convey your thought. Back-seat audiences won’t be able to see the presenter then how one can expect engagement?

In that case, using digital signage for live streaming is a great move. With exceptionally good digital signage featuring HD displays, whatever the host/presenter is conveying will be delivered to the audiences present anywhere in the meeting/conference room. Place them in a way that every audience will have accessibility.

6. Present the meeting highlights

Meeting and conferences that are not one-day affairs need a way to present the highlights, crux of previous sessions, the outline of the present-day session, Q&A, and many other subsequent details. Digital signage is a great tool to make it happen.

7. Better collaboration

In times of remote working, a huge chunk of the total audience is likely to attend the meeting or conference from a remote location. We won’t be surprised if more than 90% of attendees are remotely participating. And while in the remote working scenario, having few offshore attendees and clients is always likely.

Not everyone is available to attend a meeting. Applications like Zoom and Skype will connect you with them instantly.

But, digital signage will display the collaboration in real-time. If key people are offshore, connecting with them via digital signage is crucial as it will create a life-like presence and will let other teammates connect with them instantly.

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